Practice at Home Between Classes

When you have a home martial arts studio, outfitted with sturdy, textured martial arts mats, you have a place that encourages the acceleration of your martial arts practice. You can go to the studio a couple of times a week and learn from your qualified instructor, but to really step up your game, you’ll need to practice more than just a couple of times a week. With your own home martial arts studio, you can practice 24/7 – or at least whenever the mood strikes.

Practicing your martial arts at home necessitates a space that’s ready for what you want to do, and that means installing some thick, shock-absorbing martial arts mats like the ones you practice on at the studio. The martial arts mats need to be thick enough to prevent your falls from becoming injuries, but sturdy enough to help you keep your balance. A ribbed surface, like the Tatami rice straw mats the original martial artists used, is essential to help your feet find purchase. With more surface area on which to grab, your forms will become more accurate and second-nature.

Installing your martial arts mats at home should be as easy and affordable as possible. Look for martial arts mats that connect to each other securely, and don’t hesitate to use some heavy-duty carpet tape on the underside of the mats for added security from slipping. Yes, you should be able to install the mats yourself – who wants to shell out big bucks for a professionally installed flooring system when the best martial arts mats can be installed on your own? In just minutes, you can have your space covered, whether large or small, wall-to-wall or island configuration, and your practice can begin immediately. No curing time required.

As soon as your martial arts mats are installed in your home, you can begin to see faster progress in your martial arts practice. Extend your studio instruction by practicing regularly between classes. You’ll wonder why you didn’t think of this years ago.