Jediism and Martial Arts

The Force Awakens has grossed ridiculous amounts of box office sales as well as social media conversations.  Little boys and girls all over the world want to be a Jedi when they grow up. Who wants to be the one to tell them Jedi aren’t real? If you take a look at the historical martial arts and some of the new ideas creeping up around martial arts studios around the world, perhaps no one has to give them the bad news. Perhaps the Jedi can be real.

For centuries, martial artists have trained physically, spiritually, and mentally to master an art. They begin as young children and practice well into their sunset years. They incorporate meditation, mental discipline, intention, and goodwill into their practice. And they and their teachers insist on continual practice. Sound like anyone else?

Ok, the light saber bit is problematic, but only because few have figured out how to incorporate its use in a martial arts routine. With all the weapons used in various arts, it’s not a long shot to expect some creative teacher out there to figure out the grace and beauty of light saber dueling and develop a program around it.

Training in a new martial art focused on positive energy and thought, light, and letting go of things that hinder our growth as compassionate and powerful human beings would be a phenomenal way of opposing “dark” forces in our culture. They may not be the Empire, or Siths, or the First Order; they may be as mundane as stress or as complicated as political allegiances, but they still dominate our lives. And any martial art, new or old, that can help us master our own lives is one worth investing in. And if we get to use a cool light saber in the process, well, even better.