Your Personalized Martial Arts Practice Area

You love your training at the martial arts studio, so why not extend that practice time by creating your very own martial arts studio at home complete with tatami finish martial arts mats? It won’t clean out your wallet, doesn’t require a professional to install, and will provide you with years of safe, supported, and comfortable practice space. What are you waiting for?

Maybe you’re not sure where you can fit your martial arts flooring in your home. If space is a concern, rest easy; you don’t have to install a competition-sized arena in your home. Clear out that corner in the basement or maybe even the garage. Then install your martial arts mats in the space you determine will meet your home practice needs. If you practice alone, you’d be surprised what you can do in a limited amount of space. Now if you’re planning to grapple or practice with a partner, sure, your space requirements will increase. But to simply have an area where you can work on forms, the space requirement won’t be that much.

The best martial arts mats will be easy to install, too. They will connect together like pieces of a puzzle for a firm fit that won’t slip when you practice, much like the mats in the studio where you practice. Again, if you only have a little space to work with, only purchase enough mats to get the job done. You shouldn’t have to buy a studio-sized amount just because they’re pre-packaged that way. Measure your space, and purchase accordingly. To create the best island configuration, consider the surface on which you’re installing the martial arts mats. Are the mats likely to slip on the surface? If that’s a possibility, just secure the mats on the underside with some carpet tape. For wall-to-wall configurations, if you happen to have enough space for that, the same rule applies: buy only the amount you need. You’ll be able to install the flooring system yourself in just a matter of minutes and be able to start your home martial arts practice right away.

It’s easy to create your personalized martial arts practice space at home with high-quality, affordable martial arts mats. Aside from yourself, they’re the only thing you really need to get that home practice off the ground and headed toward mastery.