You Must Be Between the Ages of 1 and 200…

The martial arts are no discriminator when it comes to age or gender. We’ve all seen the seniors in the park practicing Tai-chi, the mixed-age mixed martial arts fighters, and, if you read one of my most recent posts, little four year-old kids breaking their first board. So if you think you’re not the right age to begin a martial arts practice, either at a studio or at home, think again.

As we age, movement becomes increasingly essential, and keeping active at home with the martial arts in your own workout area with some shock-absorbing martial arts mats to protect you, you can’t go wrong. Now, don’t get me wrong; there’s no substitute for learning from a skilled, certified martial arts instructor, and you should find one before you begin your practice. Internet videos are ok, but they’re not the same thing as having someone to correct your stance, encourage you personally, and look forward to working with weekly. Once you’ve found your studio and your instructor, you can begin practicing at home.

Think you’re not fit enough to try martial arts? That’s the same exact excuse everyone gives for every sport out there. And it’s missing the point. You don’t try a new sport because you’re fit, you try a new sport to become fit. My point about having sturdy, supportive martial arts mats at home helps illustrate this. When you’re learning a new workout routine, face it: you’re going to spend some time on the floor, perhaps because the sport requires it, or because you’ve lost your balance. Either way, if you land on a hard surface you risk ending your workout before you’re ready due to injury and frustration. Martial arts mats absorb the shock from your fall and help you get right back up. Kind of like having that awesome instructor saying, “No problem – it’s part of learning. Now get back up and try it again.”

Good martial arts mats are one component of the keys to your success in trying one or more of the martial arts to get fit, stay active, and learn something new. Find the courage to do it and you’ll never regret it.