Three Key Ingredients for a Successful Home Martial Arts Practice

Bringing your martial arts practice home from the studio for practice is a sure-fire way to increase the speed of your progress, and with some martial arts mats in a designated space in your home, you can be sure you’ll be safe and supported in your new endeavor.

But martial arts mats aren’t the only thing you’ll need to be successful. You’ll need three important components to really make it fly: instruction, protection, and commitment. The right instructor will make sure you’re learning proper form, which does a couple of things for you at home. It offers a lower risk of injury due to incorrect execution and ensures that your progress is monitored and corrected when necessary. A good instructor is one you trust, who respects you and your abilities, and who will challenge you to continue to challenge yourself. If your instructor doesn’t meet these requirements, it could be time to look for a new studio.

While instructors can help you avoid injury with correct instruction about forms, martial arts mats can also contribute to your safety by providing padding and support, even at home. In just a few minutes, you can install some thick, shock-absorbing martial arts mats in a space in your home, whether a small island configuration or even wall-to-wall, giving you the safe space you need to continue your practice. Without their padding and support, your practice runs the risk of injury that could limit or even end your pursuit of the martial arts.

Your commitment to progress and mastery of the arts may be a forgone conclusion in your mind, but it’s just as important as a good instructor and martial arts mats when it comes to the success of your practice. If you’ve decided to put a practice space in your home, chances are you’re very committed to learning martial arts in a serious way. And having that home space accessible to you 24 hours a day makes it easy to stick to your commitment and increase your practice time. That, in turn, should also increase your commitment to learning at the studio. It’s a great cycle to be stuck in.

A good instructor, some martial arts mats, and a commitment to mastery are the only things you really need to keep your practice going strong and safe.