Tatami for Protection

By definition, martial arts mats offer a lot of protection to the student of the martial arts, but the mats with the textured surfaces go above and beyond the call of duty. All martial arts mats should provide ample padding to protect from throws and falls, but those with a surface that mimics the original tatami rice straw mats offer just a little bit more, and that’s why they’re the best choice when you’re installing a martial arts practice area in your home.

The original martial artists didn’t have the luxury of padded martial arts mats, but knew that traction was just as important. That’s why tatami rice straw mats were one of the choices d’jour. That tiny little bit of texture offered more area for feet and hands to find purchase during practice. A smooth surface just can’t make the same claim. So the best and safest martial arts mats for you to use at home will be Tatami finish martial arts mats.

Today’s martial arts mats are made of EVA foam, a thick, shock-absorbing material that can prevent a little injury from morphing into a career-ending one, And these thick mats have a ribbed surface that provides you with enough surface area to really get a grip. In turn, that solid footing means you don’t have to worry about accidental slips and falls as you practice forms. Not having to worry about your practice surface allows you to focus on the really important stuff, like what you learned in class that week, and to practice it safely in the convenience of your own home.

If tatami finish martial arts mats are good enough for a studio, they’re good enough for your home. And they don’t require professional installation. The mats are square with tabbed edges like a puzzle piece so you can toss them down, connect the tabs, and end up with a secure, seamless looking surface on which to practice anytime the mood suits you. If there’s a lot of area to cover, some oversized Jumbo Martial Arts mats will do the job quickly, without compromising quality. Whether you’re going wall-to-wall or creating an island configuration, the addition of a little carpet tape to the underside of the mats will ensure less slippage – an absolute must for serious students of the arts.

Staying safe during martial arts practice is the key to a lifetime of enjoyment and healthful activity. Don’t compromise when it comes to your safety – install your affordable, durable, and easily installed tatami finish martial arts mats at home so the progress you make in class can continue faster in the comfort of your own home.