Martial Arts With Your Kids

Time spent with your kids is precious and short-lived, so to get the most out of the time you have with them, choose a martial arts class you can do together, then put some martial arts mats down at home somewhere and extend your practice time together. The kids learn great athletic skills and you get to have some quality time with them before they’re all grown up.  Continue reading Martial Arts With Your Kids

Get Even More Out of Your Martial Arts Class

Do you have a martial arts practice space at home? If not, you’re really hamstringing your efforts to improve your skills. You may be learning more than you ever expected in class at the studio, but practicing only once or twice a week isn’t going to help you achieve your goals anytime soon. The best way to maximize what you’re learning is to put down a few martial arts mats at home and practice every chance you can get. Continue reading Get Even More Out of Your Martial Arts Class

Martial Arts for Confidence

Gaining physical strength and the ability to defend yourself are great reasons to begin a martial art and to stick with it, but the larger and farther-reaching benefit of committing to a martial art is the ability to gain and retain self-confidence. Early childhood is a great time to begin a martial art, but even adults can benefit from the discipline and commitment. Continue reading Martial Arts for Confidence