Self-Defense for the Bullied


Protect, get away, and report. That’s what students need to learn about their interactions with bullies. They don’t need to learn how to take down a bully, but rather how to protect themselves, show that they are not the aggressor and do not want to fight, and then make sure the incident gets reported. Then the responsibility is with the adult they informed to actually believe them. Finding a good instructor and practicing safely at home on safe martial arts mats will help kids can help prevent further bullying in the future.

It’s believed that over 160,000 students a year are physically bullied at school, and that number doesn’t even count the number of psychological and emotional bullying incidents. As parents, we want our kids to be safe in their school environment, and one of the things we can do is provide them with the knowledge and skills to protect themselves in the event of a confrontation with a physical bully.

Self-defense classes, wherever you can find them, will help instill confidence in your child just because they have the knowledge and skills to come out on top. Not physically, of course, but in regard to the situation. Self-defense is never aggressive, but always seeks to protect the individual so they can get away from the situation and report it. Helping your child practice skills he or she learns at the studio will hasten their understanding of self-defense and get them ready for any incident that comes their way. Put a few martial arts mats down in an area of your home so you and your child can practice together. Practicing with your child communicates your concern and encouragement. And the more the child practices, the better she or he (and you) will feel about going to school and being prepared.

Find a good instructor, and help your child develop the skills needed in an increasingly violent school atmosphere.