Personalize Your Practice

Martial arts mats may just be a legitimate answer to that old riddle: what’s black and blue and red all over? When you’re ready to install a martial arts practice area in your home, you get to choose the size of the mats, their thickness, and of course, their color. Sure you can go for the traditional studio look of red and blue, or black and blue, but now you can even go pink and purple!

Your martial arts practice area is unique to you and those practicing with you, so your martial arts mats should be unique to your practice and personality as well. Let’s start with the coverage area. Some mats are about 2′ square and are a great way to cover a limited space so you have ample protection for your practice. Other mats are larger than 3′ square so you can cover a larger area more quickly. You determine the space you want to cover, then choose your mat size accordingly. They connect with tabs, like a puzzle, so you can do it yourself in just a matter of minutes.

The thickness of the martial arts mats you choose should be based on a couple of things. What’s your comfort level? If you’re well-along in your martial arts practice, you may appreciate the solid feel of the hard ground beneath you, so the 1/2″ martial arts mats would be adequate padding for your style. Maybe you like just a little more padding – who doesn’t – so the 3/4″ mats may be more in line with what you need. Or maybe you’re just beginning (or maybe kids are going to be using the practice area) and you need all the padding you can get. The 1″ thick martial arts mats offer maximum padding while still providing traction and stability.

The color of your martial arts mats is probably the least truly important part of your choice, but probably the most fun, nonetheless. If you like the studio look, certainly the traditional martial arts mat colors will do the trick. But if your style is a little more playful, or if those kids are the ones who will be using the mats, it might be fun to try a different color combination, and thanks to consumer demand, those colors are available! Go ahead and give Muay Thia a try on some pink and green martial arts mats. It’s your space, so make it personal!

You’ll practice more and longer if your martial arts practice area is covered in martial arts mats that meet your needs and make you feel at home. Personalize that space and let the progress begin.