Only the Best Will Do

Martial arts mats are the protective foundation for your practice, whether it’s at home or the studio. Your instructor makes sure you practice on a safe surface, so why should you have anything less at home? Installing some shock-absorbing, textured martial arts mats at home is quick, affordable, and will see to the longevity of your practice.

Martial arts mats are kind of like the stretching you do before a workout: they get you ready for a safe routine. No amount of stretching can prepare you for that occasional misstep that could result in injury, but it can keep you ready to get back up and keep going. Martial arts mats are the same – they won’t eliminate the possibility of injury, but they can greatly reduce it. With lots of EVA foam beneath you, your joints will be protected from wear and tear, and the time you spend hitting the mats hard in falls or slips will be a little less painful and allow you to recover more quickly.

The best martial arts mats have a surface that mimics the original rice straw tatami mats. Why bother with a special texture? Obviously, if your feet have more surface to grab, your balance and movement will be more grounded. You’ll be less likely to slip, again possibly avoiding injury, and when you launch your body, you’re more likely to end up where you want to. When you use tatami finished martial arts mats, you’ll be following in the footsteps of the ancient masters, but with even more padding and recovery ability.

Don’t settle for anything less than the safest, thickest martial arts mats when it’s time to put them in your home martial arts studio. Your body and the longevity of your practice demand only the best.