One Punch Man

In the world of anime, realism is usually treated as an affront to good taste, perhaps most of all in the recent martial arts anime One Punch Man. It’s a wonderful satire on the action anime genre, where Saitama, the protagonist, is capable of felling any foe with a single punch. Fortunately for those of us to whom the laws of physics do indeed apply, OPM delivers its hero’s recipe for success in the form of his daily workout routine: 100 push-ups, 100 sit-ups, 100 squats, and a 10 kilometer (6.2 miles) run. Those results can’t be guaranteed, but it’s definitely a doable bodyweight workout routine for those who aren’t crazy about going to an actual gym.

While that kind of workout would probably seem woefully imbalanced despite its intensity to most gym-savvy people, it does have some merit in that it doesn’t rely on any equipment besides your own body. Now, whether your martial arts studio approves of defeating opponents with a single blow or not is up to them, but if your practice involves intense training, your results will improve, no matter how many attempts it takes to take out the opposition.

With many film and television studios reviving the martial arts genre, it’s refreshing to see such a well-constructed satire. Everything needs a good honest look, a critic, and One Punch Man is definitely a breath of fresh air in the industry. Take it for what it is, enjoy the ride, laugh a little at yourself, and then get back on the mats and commit just a little more to your own martial arts practice. It might take a little more than 100 reps of body weight activities, but whatever it involves, with focus and intention, no one will make a satire out of your routine.

Take your practice seriously, but go ahead and enjoy a little tongue-in-cheek fun with .