Martial Arts Mats for Your Style of Practice

EVA foam tatami finish martial arts mats are your key to making a martial arts practice area in your home. Whether you practice Taichi or Qigong, Karate or Aikido, the right set of martial arts mats in the space you have available will transform that space into your very own private martial arts studio. Even if you only have a little room, a safe, supportive martial arts floor can be installed in minutes so you can begin your home workout routine.

If you’re just beginning a martial art, or maybe your kids need a place to practice, you should have plenty of padding in your martial arts mats. A thick, resilient mat will give you a little more confidence as you learn, knowing that if you make the wrong move or fall incorrectly, you’re more likely to get up and keep going. For kids, it’s essential to have the most padding possible. It’s just the smart thing to do. You put shin guards on your kids when they play soccer, helmets during football, and a full-body get-up when they decide it’s time to learn fencing. Likewise, the also need protection when they’re learning a martial art. A thick, ribbed, martial art mat is going to give them (or you) support, traction, and peace of mind.

Other martial arts mats don’t need to be as thick as a 1″ mat you might use for kids. If you’re installing a home martial arts studio because you want to expand on what you’ve already learned, a little less padding may give you a greater sense of the ground. You’re probably well-trained by now regarding falls, so not as much padding is necessary. Traction is still a must, as is easy installation of the mats, so don’t compromise – make sure your martial arts mats are still top-quality.