Martial Arts Mats for the Kids

Choosing safe, affordable martial arts mats for kids to use at home is challenging, if not difficult, but we’ve made it easy for you. Our 1″ thick martial arts mats are affordable, padded to the gills, textured for traction, easy to install yourself, and sized so you can purchase only as many as you need. Your biggest challenge may just be choosing the color you want.

You can never have too much padding where childhood is concerned, and with 1″ of EVA foam martial arts mats beneath your kids as they practice, you’ll be confident they’re practicing (under your supervision) in the safest environment possible. Once they’ve tried the arts in a studio with a highly trained and skilled professional instructor, you know they’re going to want to practice at home, too. Rather than throwing their younger sibling across the ceramic tiled kitchen floor, give them a safe space to try their new-found skills. You can easily create a home martial arts studio for them with a minimum amount of space. Maybe it’s that corner of the basement or a small section of the garage – it doesn’t have to be huge. But in that space, they’re less likely to garner an injury if they’re practicing on thick, shock-absorbing martial arts mats.

All sizes and thicknesses of our martial arts mats come with tabs on all four sides (kind of like a puzzle-piece), so they’re easy to fit together. The kids can even help! Some of our customers like to put a little carpet tape on the underside for added insurance against slipping. Regardless, your new martial arts home studio will be ready in a matter of minutes. If you ever decide to change the configuration, just pull the mats apart and reposition.

As always, safety comes first when we’re talking about kids, so we recommend the 1″ martial arts mats for them. They’ll have the maximum amount of padding along with the ribbed surface for traction as they continue to practice what they learn in the comfort and safety of their own home. Good job, Mom and Dad!