Martial Arts in the Garage – or Anywhere

I recently saw a video of a young man putting down some extra large tatami finish martial arts mats in his garage. The video began with him unwrapping the delivery (very well-packaged), and showing the camera the size of the mats. They really were extra large, so he then showed the camera the space he had to put them down. It was in his garage, which included a heavy-duty bag suspended from the ceiling, and the space was significant. Using clocked time-lapse, he then proceeded to install his mats. In less than 10 minutes he had the entire space covered. Then he began his demonstration.

Most people won’t have an entire garage to practice their martial arts and might not need the super-sized martial arts mats, but they do want to practice at home and need a safe, supportive way to do it. Martial arts mats come in all sizes and thicknesses, so even if you don’t have a huge area to cover, you can still get what you need for your skill level and coverage area.

The largest martial arts mats are usually very thick, as many studios use them for classes which include children. When kids are involved, you want the maximum protection available. But if you don’t have to be concerned with kids using your practice space, you may choose a martial arts mat that isn’t quite as thick so you have a greater feel of balance. With a tatami finish, a ribbed, textured surface, you’re all but guaranteed a solid base from which to move. Your hands and feet will have the traction they need, and your joints will have the support they crave. With a half-inch to a full inch of cushioning beneath you, you’ll be able to complete your home martial arts practice in relative comfort and won’t have to worry about a fall prematurely ending your practice temporarily or even for good.

Whether you have a large or limited space to cover, martial arts mats are essential for a safe, long, and professional-quality practice. Begin with safety and support and your home practice will last as long as you want it to.