Martial Arts After School

It’s tough making the after-school activities choice. There are so many possibilities, and many of them are really good for kids’ development. How do you choose the one that will help them stay active and socially engaged? Take some advice from thousands of parents: involve your children in martial arts.

After-school activities aren’t just baby-sitters. They should be socially engaging, movement-oriented (they’ve been sitting all day), and offer opportunities for advancement. Few after-school activities can offer the menu of benefits martial arts participation can. Not only does it promote physical well-being, it contributes significantly to mental and emotional well-being, too.

Classrooms have become adept at teaching reading, science, and other academic subjects, but we want them to teach goal-setting, too, regardless of the area of discipline. Too often our kids are told what their goals are with classwork and team competitions, but with martial arts, students are challenged to define their own goals and then work with an instructor and independently to achieve those goals. Wouldn’t it be great if your kid’s after-school program positively affected her classroom performance?

Students who regularly practice martial arts often have a higher degree of self-confidence than their peers. Some of that can be attributed to their increased strength and ability to defend themselves, but it is also because they know they can achieve any goal they set for themselves. Enroll your shy 1st-grader in a year of martial arts and watch how different second grade will be. Entering the pressure-heavy middle school years might be easier with the confidence your child gains in martial arts practice.

Don’t settle for an after-school period of snacks, video games, or more sitting around. Keep your child engaged, growing her self-confidence, and learning to set her own goals with an after-school martial arts program.