Long, Safe Martial Arts Practice at Home

Your home martial arts practice area probably looks nothing like that of the monk in the picture, but at the very least you can improve your space with the addition of some new tatami finish martial arts mats. If you practice without them, you could be cutting short the duration of your practice by years.

Martial arts mats are the most crucial component of your home practice of the martial arts you learn from a trained professional at the studio. It’s likely that you don’t go to the studio, learn and practice there, then come home and wait patiently until the next practice. If your instructor is a good one, you’ve been told to practice at home. The problem is, if you don’t have the right surface on which to practice, you risk injury and the premature end to your practice. All this can be set to right with the addition of some affordable, easily installed martial arts mats that are delivered to your door.

Choose from the minimum 1/2″ of padding all the way up to a super-cushioned 1″ of EVA foam padding. Your choice will depend on the art you practice, the expertise you already possess, and whether or not others, like children, will be using the mats. Highly skilled martial artists will use less padding for superior grounding. Those of us who don’t fall into that category (no pun intended), will want a little more padding. And if you grapple or spend time working with kids on the mats, the thickest possible martial arts mats are a must. All these mats come in squares with puzzle-like tabs so they connect to each other snugly in just minutes. We suggest the addition of some carpet tape to the underside to prevent any separation or movement (just to be on the safer side).

Whether your home martial arts studio is in your bedroom, basement, or garage, your home practice will be greatly enhanced and your safety better protected with the addition of sturdy, anti-fatigue, tatami finish martial arts mats. You don’t compromise on your martial arts education, so don’t neglect your safety, either.