Her First Sport

With an eager attitude, a good instructor, and some thick martial arts mats, your child is on her way to a lifetime of physical activity, mental discipline and respect for all that is characteristic of the practice of a martial art. 

Which martial art she chooses, well, that’s up to you and her, but you can lay the groundwork by investing in some affordable, safety-is-my-middle-name martial arts mats for her to practice on. With a space at home for her to practice, she’s going to get really excited about the idea of going to class and learning her art. Face it, if she goes to class and learns some cool moves, she’s going to want to show them off at home, so having a safe place to do that will be really important.

Get the ball rolling by letting her help choose the martial arts mats you’ll purchase. They come in different thicknesses, sizes and colors, and if she helps choose them, she’ll feel more ownership in her practice. Just make sure to go with the thickest martial arts mats possible, at least while she’s young and just learning. Better safe…you get it. And not just any floor mat will work; invest in the ribbed tatami-finish mats. These have a deeply textured finish that allows for greater grip and balance, no matter which martial art she chooses. The really good mats will look like puzzle pieces with interlocking tabs to connect the mats to each other. She’ll have fun helping install her new practice space and be spinning and kicking and slicing all over the place in no time. If she expands her practice, you can just add to what you already have without having to replace the whole flooring system. And the quality of the mats will be just like the ones she’ll practice on at the gym or studio. That should make you feel confident in your purchase.

Buying the martial arts mats for home practice is the easiest part of getting ready for her first sport. Watching her compete – that’s a whole different story.