Get Even More Out of Your Martial Arts Class

Do you have a martial arts practice space at home? If not, you’re really hamstringing your efforts to improve your skills. You may be learning more than you ever expected in class at the studio, but practicing only once or twice a week isn’t going to help you achieve your goals anytime soon. The best way to maximize what you’re learning is to put down a few martial arts mats at home and practice every chance you can get.

As a student of the martial arts, spending time on your martial arts mats at home is a lot like what you did when you were a student in school. You learn what you can in the formal setting, then you come home and practice what you’ve learned – you do your homework. Learning a martial art is not much different from learning biology: the more you practice what you’ve absorbed from your instructor, the more quickly you’ll master the material and advance.

No one is suggesting you transform your living room into a complete martial arts studio, though it’s been done, but with the addition of a few thick, supportive, and padded martial arts mats, you can turn a small space in your home into an adequate practice area. With immediate access to a practice space in your own home, you’re more likely to spend that bit of extra time practicing rather than sitting on the couch in front of the tv. With just an extra couple of hours a week of practice time on your own schedule, you’ll notice how much faster you master your skills and become more eager for the next instructional class.

If your kids are in martial arts classes, think how much they’d love to have some martial arts mats at home to practice and play on. Suddenly they realize that you are taking their interest in the martial arts very seriously, encouraging their study and practice with a dedicated space at home in which to practice. The concentration and discipline that accompany the study of the martial arts will bleed over into other areas of their lives and you might just notice an improvement academically and socially. What a great gift!

Make the most of your instructional time in the martial arts with the addition of some martial arts mats to your home. Mastery will come faster, you’ll feel safer, and you’ll know you’re getting the most out of your time at the studio.