From Wrestling Champion to Mr. President

From now on, it’s just political wrestling for Mongolia’s new president. Khaltmaa Battulga, a wealthy businessman and former martial arts star, will be leading the country out of debt and back to a strong economy, according to his campaign focus. How many political/martial arts analogies will there be out of this election? Plenty, I’ll bet. 

So how does being a martial artist qualify one to be president of a country? It doesn’t, certainly, but Battulga’s celebrity from martial arts and his business acumen made him easily recognizable and popular, even though thousands of blank ballots were cast in protest over the country’s choices for the top position. Mongolians will have to wait and see if Battulga’s personal business success can translate into a healthier economy for the country and lowering of personal debt for the population. Is there a traditional Mongolian wrestling move for that?