Be a Super Hero

If you happen to be watching The Defenders, you’ll notice that even if you’re an immortal or un-dead martial arts expert, you still practice and perform on martial arts mats. Look closely at some of the scenes and you see individual martial arts mats connected with tabs, bearing a Tatami finished surface. No doubt about it, these experts know the way to practice.

Truth be told, it’s a good thing they’re using these martial arts mats, because if the mats are good, they’re water- and stain-resistant. They can clean up all the blood and guts they leave behind on the mats. If you’re wondering how in the world this applies to you (since you don’t litter your martial arts practice area with discarded limbs and gallons of fake blood), just think about the safety and longevity of your practice and it isn’t hard to connect the dots (or the mats, for that matter).

Immortal monks aside, your instructor is probably more concerned about your safety and proper instruction and technique than anything else. That’s why your studio has padded flooring. Your instructor knows that the key to a lifetime of martial arts practice is the health and safety of the artist. It doesn’t matter how much you know; if you don’t practice safely, you won’t be very long for the martial arts world. This goes for actors and stunt doubles as well.

If you want to get the most out of your martial arts practice, you really should be practicing at home between classes, and the only way to do that safely is on thick, supportive Tatami finish martial arts mats. They don’t have to be the dusty gray and black from the invisible monastery, they can be just about any colors you choose. But they should have a textured surface for superior traction and grip, be easily installed without professional help, and easy to take care of. Once they’re installed, you have only to start practicing to see how much faster you progress in your study of the art you love. In no time, movie producers will be knocking on your door, begging to be allowed to make a movie about you. Maybe.