Three Key Ingredients for a Successful Home Martial Arts Practice

Bringing your martial arts practice home from the studio for practice is a sure-fire way to increase the speed of your progress, and with some martial arts mats in a designated space in your home, you can be sure you’ll be safe and supported in your new endeavor. Continue reading Three Key Ingredients for a Successful Home Martial Arts Practice

Tatami for Protection

By definition, martial arts mats offer a lot of protection to the student of the martial arts, but the mats with the textured surfaces go above and beyond the call of duty. All martial arts mats should provide ample padding to protect from throws and falls, but those with a surface that mimics the original tatami rice straw mats offer just a little bit more, and that’s why they’re the best choice when you’re installing a martial arts practice area in your home. Continue reading Tatami for Protection

The Best Home Martial Arts Studio for Your Style

Creating a space at home for your particular martial arts practice might seem daunting, but it can be done quickly and easily with the right martial arts mats as a foundation. If you’re frustrated with trying to excel with practice at the studio once or twice a week, it’s time to bring it home. You don’t need a lot of space or a huge bank account. Just a few martial arts mats strategically placed in your home will afford you the convenience of practicing whenever you want.  Continue reading The Best Home Martial Arts Studio for Your Style

Martial Arts Mats for the Kids

Choosing safe, affordable martial arts mats for kids to use at home is challenging, if not difficult, but we’ve made it easy for you. Our 1″ thick martial arts mats are affordable, padded to the gills, textured for traction, easy to install yourself, and sized so you can purchase only as many as you need. Your biggest challenge may just be choosing the color you want. Continue reading Martial Arts Mats for the Kids

The Mental Discipline of Martial Arts

Many take to the martial arts mats to learn self-defense, others to take up a new sport to stay active and fit, still others introduce their children to the arts as part of being a good parent. One common outcome of all these reasons for choosing martial arts is one that may not even be considered beforehand: mental discipline. Continue reading The Mental Discipline of Martial Arts

Personalize Your Practice

Martial arts mats may just be a legitimate answer to that old riddle: what’s black and blue and red all over? When you’re ready to install a martial arts practice area in your home, you get to choose the size of the mats, their thickness, and of course, their color. Sure you can go for the traditional studio look of red and blue, or black and blue, but now you can even go pink and purple! Continue reading Personalize Your Practice

Self-Defense for Better Headlines

With the study of the martial arts comes the implied understanding: it’s ok to defend yourself. How would today’s headlines read if millions of women and minorities for centuries had believed that and been empowered to act on it? Tragically, the implied understanding simply isn’t true. There are many for whom self-defense can become the first step toward the destruction of all they hold dear. But it isn’t right, and it falls to the martial arts community to add self-defense, in its truest meaning and practice, to that glorious list of inalienable rights.  Continue reading Self-Defense for Better Headlines

Only the Best Will Do

Martial arts mats are the protective foundation for your practice, whether it’s at home or the studio. Your instructor makes sure you practice on a safe surface, so why should you have anything less at home? Installing some shock-absorbing, textured martial arts mats at home is quick, affordable, and will see to the longevity of your practice. Continue reading Only the Best Will Do

Get Even More Out of Your Martial Arts Class

Do you have a martial arts practice space at home? If not, you’re really hamstringing your efforts to improve your skills. You may be learning more than you ever expected in class at the studio, but practicing only once or twice a week isn’t going to help you achieve your goals anytime soon. The best way to maximize what you’re learning is to put down a few martial arts mats at home and practice every chance you can get. Continue reading Get Even More Out of Your Martial Arts Class

More Self-Defense for Women

Given the news headlines for the past few nauseating weeks, it doesn’t look like self-defense for women is ever going to become unnecessary. Sadly, it looks as though self-defense is the only defense some women have, and while knowing how to protect yourself is a good thing, living in a culture where violence against women is “just boys being boys” puts the responsibility for their safety squarely in the hands of women. The hypocrisy is unsettling at the very least, but learning self-defense is a smart move anyway. Continue reading More Self-Defense for Women