More Self-Defense for Women

Given the news headlines for the past few nauseating weeks, it doesn’t look like self-defense for women is ever going to become unnecessary. Sadly, it looks as though self-defense is the only defense some women have, and while knowing how to protect yourself is a good thing, living in a culture where violence against women is “just boys being boys” puts the responsibility for their safety squarely in the hands of women. The hypocrisy is unsettling at the very least, but learning self-defense is a smart move anyway. Continue reading More Self-Defense for Women

Be a Super Hero

If you happen to be watching The Defenders, you’ll notice that even if you’re an immortal or un-dead martial arts expert, you still practice and perform on martial arts mats. Look closely at some of the scenes and you see individual martial arts mats connected with tabs, bearing a Tatami finished surface. No doubt about it, these experts know the way to practice. Continue reading Be a Super Hero