Martial Arts Crossover

As Conor McGregor steps off the martial arts mats and out of the octagon, he’s entering new territory. Some are saying it won’t even be a contest. It’s not the first time a boxer and an MMA fighter have gone toe-to-toe, but interestingly, it’s been the boxer who leaves the ropes and enters the cage. This time, it’s McGregor who will be in unfamiliar territory. Will the new landscape and rules be enough to hand another victory to undefeated Floyd Mayweather? Continue reading Martial Arts Crossover

Back to School…Bullies

It’s sad to say, but there are parents who consciously prepare their children for the eventuality of facing bullies as part of their back-to-school routine. It’s not sad that they’re preparing them, but sad that it has to be done. There are many ways to approach it; talking about how to diffuse a situation, learning the strength of walking away, but also knowing how to protect yourself physically. That’s why many back-to-school activities involve martial arts practice at a studio, but also at home. Continue reading Back to School…Bullies