Self-Defense for the Bullied


Protect, get away, and report. That’s what students need to learn about their interactions with bullies. They don’t need to learn how to take down a bully, but rather how to protect themselves, show that they are not the aggressor and do not want to fight, and then make sure the incident gets reported. Then the responsibility is with the adult they informed to actually believe them. Finding a good instructor and practicing safely at home on safe martial arts mats will help kids can help prevent further bullying in the future. Continue reading Self-Defense for the Bullied

Keep It Going

In these coldest months of the year, fitness often takes a little shift as people have to find indoor workout options, like indoor running tracks, and martial arts. If you’re used to sports or running or other outdoor methods of staying healthy and fit, getting on the machines or picking up weights can seem a little restrictive, and in fact, if done without first getting appropriate instruction, can lead to decreased range of motion as muscle develops. Martial arts in particular is an excellent way to avoid this—you’ll get a nice mix of cardio and resistance training, and the practice will take your body through its whole range of motion, so you don’t have to worry about some of the potential hazards of other kinds of exercise. Continue reading Keep It Going