Martial Arts Super Hero

Love a good martial arts film? Get ready to have your world rocked, or at least a little shaken up. The Marvel Universe origin story, Dr. Strange, is being released as a film in just over a month from now. This time the film is in the hands of a new director, Scott Derrickson, who has a few twists and thematic alterations to add to the original story. Continue reading Martial Arts Super Hero

Sick of Crossword Puzzles?

The most mature members of our society are told to do things like crossword puzzles and other mentally challenging games and exercises to stay sharp. But you can only do so many crossword puzzles a day without feeling like it’s having the opposite effect. Many senior care facilities and community centers are realizing that Tai Chi is just as effective and even more so, than brain teasers alone. And it’s more fun. Continue reading Sick of Crossword Puzzles?

We Need Martial Arts Warriors

Reading the news or watching it online, you’d think we were a country filled with people who didn’t care about the safety of others. Of course, in the fine print on the back page or way down at the bottom of the media home page are short stories of people who go out of their way to stand up for those who have no voice or aren’t believed when they do speak up. Martial artists have the discipline, respect, and strength to be protectors, warriors who defend the helpless and hopeless. Continue reading We Need Martial Arts Warriors

About Time

Jackie Chan will be among the recipients of an honorary Oscar this Fall for his lifetime achievement in the film industry. An actor, film editor, director, producer, casting director, and voice-over actor, Jackie Chan has made an indelible impression on the martial arts genre of film. We think it’s about time his contribution to the entertainment industry is adequately recognized.

Jackie Chan is a great role model, for reasons other than you might expect. He actually failed his first year of school. Now he’s getting an Oscar. It’s not exactly a rags-to-riches story, but it is one of taking life as it comes and making the most of opportunities.

His film career speaks for itself, stretching across almost every aspect of film production. His versatility is what won him this honorary Oscar. He’s not just a great martial artist and actor, but a well-rounded and connected member of the film industry. Taking hold of opportunities like stunt-doubling, casting, and children’s voice-over animation roles, Chan has proven himself worthy of the award he is to receive. Congratulations, Mr. Chan.