The Martial Arts Life for Women

Martial arts are a great fit for women, as many are discovering. Professional female martial artists are gaining more and more of the sporting spotlight and as they do, they inspire and challenge other women to consider the martial arts for their own fitness, protection, and social needs.

It’s no secret that a woman who knows martial arts is better equipped to protect herself in potentially dangerous situations. Self-defense classes abound in studios and on college campuses all over the world, and women make up a large percentage of those classes. In an increasingly violent and xenophobic world, women are too often the victims of violent crime, but a woman who knows how to defend herself quickly and intelligently in the heat of the moment stands a better chance of concluding such an episode successfully. Good self-defense classes teach students not only how to physically defend themselves if the need arises, but how to identify potentially dangerous situations and how to avoid them. Empowerment is the key for women, and the martial arts empower all who practice.

If self-defense isn’t motivator enough, the fitness routine that a martial arts practice introduces into a sedentary lifestyle should help everyone, including women, to consider it as a great alternative workout. Martial arts require commitment to regular practice in order to improve, and that’s a great workout motivator. Women can expect increased strength, balance, stamina, and focus as a result of a class taught by a serious and well-trained instructor. Competition always kicks things up a bit, so being part of a group that engages in tournaments or even internal competitions gives one something to focus on. And in order to focus, one’s mind must be free of distraction and disciplined. Martial arts are a discipline, one that affects both the body and the mind.

The fact is, a martial arts class geared toward women can be a positive social experience as well. New to an area? Make a New Year’s resolution? A women’s martial arts class can expose you to a whole new group of people who can become friends and help hold you accountable to your fitness goals. It’s serious work, but the social benefits can be the tipping point to help you stay committed.

There are as many forms of martial arts as there are days in a year, so you’re bound to find one that fits you perfectly. Ask around, sit in on a class or two, then take the leap. Women have so much to gain from a lifetime in the martial arts.