A Marriage of Body and Spirit – Budokon

A serious martial artist is always looking for that extra something that will take his or her practice to the next level. Perhaps your strength has plateaued, or maybe there’s just something missing. Cameron Shayne, the founder of Budokon, would suggest that a combination of the martial arts with yoga and meditation, will be the magic formula you’re looking for. Is it right for you? Continue reading A Marriage of Body and Spirit – Budokon

Chinese Novel Comes to Life as Martial Arts TV Series

While William Shakespeare was churning out sonnets and plays in Europe and basking in the accolades of royalty and commoners alike, Wu Cheng’en was essentially living the life of a hermit in 16th century China. Yet his seminal work, Journey to the West, is this very year going to see life Wu Cheng’en could never have imagined. American cable tv company AMC has promised to deliver a new adaptation of Journey this fall as a six-part series called Into the BadlandsContinue reading Chinese Novel Comes to Life as Martial Arts TV Series

Martial Arts for All Ages

Whether you identify more closely in age with Steven Seagal, age 63, or the young Irish martial artist, Jesse-Jane McParland, age 9, you’ll have to admit, it appears the martial arts play no favorites regarding age. Perhaps that is why every year, more than 18 million Americans participate in some form of martial arts.   Continue reading Martial Arts for All Ages

Beginning a Martial Art

Interested in beginning a martial art? That’s great! Which one? Hmm…no clue? Yeah, that could be a problem. It can be overwhelming when you look at all the different forms of martial arts practiced today. But the choice to begin a practice of any martial art is one that will positively impact your life for the long run. So as you begin your search for the right martial art and the right instructional situation, keep some things in mind. Continue reading Beginning a Martial Art