Adding Martial Arts and Self-Defense to a Workout

Tired of a workout regimen that’s just the same thing over and over? Do you find yourself dreading going to the gym every now and then? Maybe a different approach to your workout routine is in order: one that has benefits beyond staying fit, building muscle, and being active.

A self-defense or martial arts class may just be the thing to shake up your workout routine. Go ahead, get off the boring treadmill and start doing something that could actually impact your life as well as your body. Sure, a martial arts class will keep your body fit, but it will also sharpen your mind, and if you incorporate self-defense classes, can help you feel safer and more in control of your life.

Everyone is familiar with “fight or flight.” When you find yourself in a situation where your safety is threatened, or that of someone who is defenseless, what do you do? Not too many people feel confident in their own physical strength or knowledge of self-defense to take action. This leaves you and others in a very powerless position. By incorporating martial arts and self-defense training into your workout routine, you can be equipped to handle many threatening situations confidently.

This response benefit from martial arts training is seen most clearly in children who are trained in self-defense and the arts. A child who is scared, has low self-esteem, or is seen as weak is a prime target for bullying. But a child who is confident, looks her peers in the eye, and knows that she is equipped to handle physical aggression is less likely to be targeted. Additionally, a child trained early in martial arts learns the connection between the mind and the body, something that will benefit her for the rest of her life.

The symbiotic relationship of the body to the mind is what makes martial arts so unique as a workout regimen. In fact, many would say the training of the mind is key to the ability to train the body. The arts require strength, balance, stamina, control, and flexibility, but in order to master those, one must have a controlled, focused, clear, and confident mind, truly a holistic approach to mental and physical well-being.

Incorporate a self-defense class or a new martial art component into your fitness routine and see if your outlook doesn’t improve.