A Step Up for MMA?

Every now and again, martial arts pops up in the news for something especially crazy, and a whole bunch of the previously-uninitiated get on board to see something special. This time around, it’s the Conor McGregor vs. Floyd Mayweather bout, set to test an MMA fighter against a legendary boxer and make them both a ridiculous amount of money. Mayweather is kind of a headline magnet, as undefeated professionals with long careers often are, but this fight is set to be unique not just for its crossing of martial arts, but for his opponent’s history as well.

Conor McGregor is almost a household name at this point, (not such an unusual thing in martial arts anymore—thanks, Ronda Rousey), but a few short years ago, there’s almost no chance you would have heard of him. In fact, part of what makes him such a great counterpoint to Mayweather is his history. McGregor was unknown until recently, and relying on government assistance to get by in his native Ireland. He got into the right bouts and made the right moves, and suddenly he’s about to make around $100,000,000 on a single fight. His rise to fame is one of those few things you can call meteoric, and so who better to test him against at this point than an aged, (one might even say weathered), but undefeated boxer sitting atop the world, right where McGregor wants to be?

Even if you’re not usually into martial arts, this will be a fight you’ll probably want to keep an eye on, especially if McGregor ends up winning. Historic moments in sports come from players like these two. Plus, a McGregor victory might lend further credence to the contention that MMA outpaces other styles of martial arts in terms of raw power and the ability to use one’s body to beat the stuffing out of somebody else’s body. If McGregor loses, it’s likely Mayweather will never feel the need to prove anything to anyone again in his life, and he can go back to retirement, comfortable in his legendary status. Whoever wins, it’s going to be a controversial night.

Is Old vs. New Really Necessary?

If you’re a martial artist or martial arts fan who isn’t into MMA, you’ve probably dealt with the criticisms of the traditional martial arts by the MMA crowd that they’re inferior since they don’t provide as much in the way of actual self-defense. In fact, there was a recent controversy in China over a bout between a Tai Chi master and an MMA fighter that was decisively finished in a matter of seconds by the MMA guy who was seeking to prove his practice’s supremacy over the others. He might have had the edge in that particular match, but his critics recognized something he failed to see: the traditional martial arts have a lot more to offer than protection from people with MMA and Krav Maga training. Continue reading Is Old vs. New Really Necessary?

You Must Be Between the Ages of 1 and 200…

The martial arts are no discriminator when it comes to age or gender. We’ve all seen the seniors in the park practicing Tai-chi, the mixed-age mixed martial arts fighters, and, if you read one of my most recent posts, little four year-old kids breaking their first board. So if you think you’re not the right age to begin a martial arts practice, either at a studio or at home, think again. Continue reading You Must Be Between the Ages of 1 and 200…

Martial Arts in the Garage – or Anywhere

I recently saw a video of a young man putting down some extra large tatami finish martial arts mats in his garage. The video began with him unwrapping the delivery (very well-packaged), and showing the camera the size of the mats. They really were extra large, so he then showed the camera the space he had to put them down. It was in his garage, which included a heavy-duty bag suspended from the ceiling, and the space was significant. Using clocked time-lapse, he then proceeded to install his mats. In less than 10 minutes he had the entire space covered. Then he began his demonstration. Continue reading Martial Arts in the Garage – or Anywhere

Martial Arts Mats for Your Style of Practice

EVA foam tatami finish martial arts mats are your key to making a martial arts practice area in your home. Whether you practice Taichi or Qigong, Karate or Aikido, the right set of martial arts mats in the space you have available will transform that space into your very own private martial arts studio. Even if you only have a little room, a safe, supportive martial arts floor can be installed in minutes so you can begin your home workout routine.

If you’re just beginning a martial art, or maybe your kids need a place to practice, you should have plenty of padding in your martial arts mats. A thick, resilient mat will give you a little more confidence as you learn, knowing that if you make the wrong move or fall incorrectly, you’re more likely to get up and keep going. For kids, it’s essential to have the most padding possible. It’s just the smart thing to do. You put shin guards on your kids when they play soccer, helmets during football, and a full-body get-up when they decide it’s time to learn fencing. Likewise, the also need protection when they’re learning a martial art. A thick, ribbed, martial art mat is going to give them (or you) support, traction, and peace of mind.

Other martial arts mats don’t need to be as thick as a 1″ mat you might use for kids. If you’re installing a home martial arts studio because you want to expand on what you’ve already learned, a little less padding may give you a greater sense of the ground. You’re probably well-trained by now regarding falls, so not as much padding is necessary. Traction is still a must, as is easy installation of the mats, so don’t compromise – make sure your martial arts mats are still top-quality.


Iron Crotch for Colds? Maybe Not…

In a recent Huffington Post article, a master of “iron crotch kung fu” was quoted as saying that he believes strong blows to his groin have helped him stay healthier – that he has had fewer colds since beginning this practice at age 67. I doubt anyone reading this blog practices kung fu in quite the same way, or for the same reason. So how and why do you practice martial arts? Continue reading Iron Crotch for Colds? Maybe Not…